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Software Development Blogs You Should Check

Software Development Blogs: It’s no information that generation is transferring at its quickest tempo considering forever. It may be tough or maybe overwhelming Software Development Blogs preserve up with each new component that’s being launched each minute. Or, to discover beneficial resources, examples of exceptional practices, one-of-a-kind perspectives, reviews, and so on. So, one of the must-belongings you ought to do is observe enterprise blogs that live on the pinnacle of the sport. Although, as we’re residing in the technology of content material overload, locating them may be a complex or time-eating task.

After browsing the net looking for the exceptional software program improvement blogs out there, I took all of the information accrued and shared the pinnacle ones right here. As everyone has something that makes it unique, they’re now no longer shared in a selected order. They’re all really well worth finding out. Whether it’s the kind of shape utilized in articles, the manner the technique subjects, or the subjects themselves, all fluctuate in a selected manner. And, except for the five blogs, you’ll additionally discover a few honorable mentions at the end.

Free Code Camp

As a junior developer, this platform may assist you to get beforehand withinside the sport. freeCodeCamp is a non-income corporation whose objective is to assist absolutely everyone who is a part of the programming side. As a software program developer, the founder’s motive is to assist students (or novices) boom their coding and internet improvement skills.

So, as their pressure is to assist novices to develop, you’ll see that their articles, the shape, the phrases, the examples, and the entirety else healthy their mission.

Smashing Magazine

To quote from their internet site: “Over 14 years, we’ve posted 2118 articles, written via way of means of 673 tough-running authors. Still counting.”. Besides publishing each day articles on HTML, CSS, or JavaScript-associated subjects, in addition, they have a publication available. So, if their writing fashion resonates with you, subscribing to their publication will assist you to live heading in the right direction with their new weblog posts. They even have a podcast wherein they speak about the subjects they write approximately that’s really well worth finding out if you’re greater of an audio content material type of person. Besides supplying content material in each format, in addition, they host internet layout meetings in Europe and North America (referred to as the Smashing Conference)

As they’re devoted to supporting the internet builders and designers’ network to develop their skills, their content material makes a specialty of sharing expert and useful resources.

A-List Apart

This internet site has been up and strolling considering 1998! A-List Apart began out as a mailing listing lower back in 1997, and they quickly noticed the possibility to transform it right into a running blog platform. You’ll discover right here a huge variety of internet improvement subjects, specializing in topics applicable to tough and gentle skills. They cowl the entirety from the which means of internet content material, to layout, improvement, internet standards, or exceptional practices from the field. What’s notable approximately this platform is that it’s far usually open for brand new writers, builders, strategists, designers, and different experts to percentage their information on their weblog. So, when you have a subject associated with internet improvement in thoughts and are inquisitive about shaping your writing skills, positioned those men in your listing.

To make a brief recap: the principle cognizance is on internet improvement and subtopics associated with this field. It’s now no longer a platform that makes a specialty of technical factors only.


The call suits their motive 100%, as GeeksforGeek’s objective is to be “A laptop technological know-how portal for geeks”. In the quest for a geek’s ideal definition, we located Marissa Mayer, the previous CEO of Yahoo!. “Geeks are individuals who love something a lot that each one the info matter”. So, for them to thrive, they must be surrounded by way of means of others who percentage their ardor and interest. And that’s wherein GeeksforGeeks involves keeping the day. The 5 foremost geeks of the crew are tech and laptop technological know-how fans that need to offer “nicely written, nicely thought, and nicely-defined solutions.” via their content material.

You will be aware they address numerous subjects, from beneficial resources, exceptional practices, or guidelines and hints on programming languages, to interview education substances and publications for jobs withinside the field.


The founders created this network lower back in 2005, as they noticed a want for a technical running a blog network. That’s why CodeBetter’s motive is to introduce builders to higher practices, novel tools, and useful methodologies and strategies that enhance your sport as a developer. They are cognizant of applicable, technical subjects, as they need to offer content material this is beneficial for your improvement. As the writers communicate from their non-public reviews and information, you could relax confident it’s a developer at the back of the keyboard who skilled the equal struggles or had the equal curiosities as you.

You will especially discover content material on .Net, SQL Server, Sharepoint, BizTalk, and server platforms. As their motive is that will help you boom your tough skills, the articles not often cowl gentle styles of topics.

5 Reasons why your Magento website might not rank

Magento is one of the most reliable content management systems for online retailers, with many features and customization options. Magento is an e-commerce platform of choice for more than 250,000 retailers globally. Furthermore, research shows that Magento users grow three times faster than non-Magento users. One of the main reasons why most traders and entrepreneurs use Magento to build their online business is because of this. Many global brands, including American Express, Ford, Coca-Cola, and many others, use Magento to run their business. If you consult with a web development company, it’s likely they will advise you to choose a Magento store.

As you can see, Magento is a very good platform to launch a successful e-commerce business. However, if you decide to use Magento for your online business, you must understand how to use Magento SEO. Fortunately, this platform provides a number of ready-made ranking options.

This tutorial examines important ranking indicators for e-commerce websites and offers suggestions and strategies that are tried and correct to improve Magento SEO.


Magento Keeping Default Homepage Title and Description

The homepage, as you know, is the most powerful page in terms of equity links and pages that can rank the most important keywords. As a result, if you want people to know what your website is, you don’t have to keep the store title as “veranda.” Instead, you must focus on high volume keywords that are relevant to the things you sell. As a result, if you need SEO for your online store, it will have a significant impact. As a result, instead of the title that only says “home,” make sure your store title refers to the product you sell. Starting with the name of the veranda, register your content!

Slow Page Speed

The page speed is the time needed for one page to fully show its content and has been used by the Google algorithm to rank a page. Common Magento SEO problems are slow pages or load speed.

According to research, when Google evaluates page speed, it can explicitly consider the time for the first bytes. Furthermore, slow pages mean that search engines can only scan a number of pages with their crawl budget, which may have a negative impact on your indexation. Slow page speed, on the other hand, has a negative impact on the user experience. When the page loads slowly, it is likely to have a high level of penal and a short visit on the webpage. Finally, all of these factors may have a negative impact on your conversion rate.

Images Not SEO Optimized

Image optimization is a multi-head animal, in the sense that it has various characteristics that affect SEO. This is a quick checklist of things that need to be considered for each image on your site that will be taken into account by search engines in their ranking algorithms.

  • Take advantage of Alt tags. Alternative attributes or alt text are defined when the image name and property description are made. Alt-text is mostly used by screen readers to help people who are visually disturbed explore the website. Furthermore, the search engine wants to ensure that the alt text matches the remaining pages and image content.
  • Take advantage of image captions. Image descriptions provide more information than alt text and allow people to find more about what is in images that are not included in the alt text. The most important information is provided by the Alt text, while the image caption provides further details.
  • Use the descriptive file name for your image. The image name is used by search engines as the first clue about the image subject. The name of the image affects how ‘can be watched’ in search engine images and how well it supports page content.
  • Reduce image size (i.e. Bit resolution and depth). The image loading time is reduced when the weight is reduced, which increases page loading and the perception of the performance of the website. Google and other search engines search for image sizes and total page weight acceptable for targeted types of devices, other than human experience.

There are a number of plugins that can help you with image optimization for your Magento 2 site. In addition to the original fields offered by Magento, below is a list of the current Magento 2 image optimization plugins to consider.

Having Duplicate Content

Duplicate content, as we all know, can have a negative impact on search engine rankings because it makes it difficult for search engines to determine which version of the information is more relevant to the search request sent.

Search engines are not sure whether to enter or reject certain versions of their index. Furthermore, they are not sure whether they will direct the link metrics such as trust, authority, equity links, and so on to certain pages and share them into different copies.

Duplicate content may reduce the equity link for shop owners. The internal link that points to several pieces of duplicate content distributes the equity link between duplicates.

Missing Robots.txt Files

Even though the robot.txt file is not important for websites, it is highly recommended. If you don’t have a robot.txt file on your website, the search engine bot will index all your pages. And such operations can cause Google’s web crawler to overburden servers with requests.

However, if you want more control over which pages are crawled, you can use the robot.txt file to exclude low priority URLs from indexing. Magento gives you control over the robots.txt file on your website. Go to Content> Design> Configuration on the admin dashboard. Select the store you want to change and then click Edit. Add special instructions to the robots.txt file box and expand the search engine robot list.